Generate CSR and Install SSL Certificate on Microsoft IIS 5 & 6

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Quick process for generating CSR and Installing SSL Certificate on Microsoft IIS 5 & 6

Process 1: Generate the Certificate Signing Request

  • Open Microsoft IIS Server from the Control Panel
  • Right click on the website for which you want to generate the CSR, select Properties.
iis 5 server
  • Click on Directory Security Tab and then click on Server Certificate under the Secure communications option.
  • Select Create a new certificate option and click on Next button.
  • Select ‘Prepare the request now, but send it later’ and press the Next button.
  • Add a server certificate name or common name in the Name text box, select the bit length at 2048-bit and click Next.
  • Then, add the full name of your organization and the organization unit and press the Next button.
  • Now, add the domain name in common name box and press the Next button.
  • Select country name, add state and city one by one and click Next button.
  • Add a file name and save it on a specific location with a .txt extension and click Next.
  • The CSR file is now generated and added to the location you have added.

Your Certificate Authority (CA) has provided the Server certificate, intermediate certificate and root certificate in a zip file or individually. Extract these files and save them into a specific location.

Process 2: Install SSL Certificate on Microsoft IIS 5 & 6

  • The open IIS service manager
  • Right click on the website you have recently generated the CSR and click on the Properties
  • Now click on the Directory Security tab and click on Server Certificates button.
iis 5 default website properties - server certificate
  • Select Process the pending request and install the certificate and click on Next.
  • Now, here you need to browse the location of the SSL Certificate file which you have recently extracted.
  • Press the OK button, to install the SSL Certificate.

Finally, your CSR generated, and SSL Certificate installed on IIS 5 & 6 Server.

You can test the SSL Certificate installation using our free SSL Certificate Checker Tool.

Process 3: Install Intermediate Certificate on IIS

  • Open the folder where you have saved all the certificate files provided by the CA.
  • Double click on the Intermediate certificate file
  • Click on Install Certificate button, to start the installation process.
install intermediate certificate
  • Into the certificate import wizard, select Place all certificates in the following store and click the Browse button.
  • Check Show physical stores box
  • Expand Intermediate Certification Authorities folder.
  • Then, select Local Computer, click OK > Finish button.
  • Restart the IIS Server.

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